Starting a business shouldn't be so complicated. I've got a plan to show you how! 

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You have a passion that you're great at that you desire to turn into a business

You feel overwhelmed or unsure when it comes to starting your own business and are seeking guidance 

You're ready for growth and are committed to self-improvement 

sarah says...

“Initially when I wanted to start my business feelings of overwhelm, doubt and shut down took over, but The Biz Method helped rein me in and organize how to get through those initial emotions. I highly recommend this course to ease your mind and gain skills to thrive in stating a new venture."

ayten says...

"Jill not only provides the practical step-by-step framework that she used to build her own aerial fitness empire, she also creates a non-judgemental & supportive space for creatives to workshop ideas and push past the discomfort of starting something new. She's the exact catalyst you need if you have been ruminating for way too long on the business you've been wanting to start for years!"

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